Engel to open production facility in Mexico

(Picture from Engel internet website)

Following its company philosophy, “Close to the customer,” European injection moulding manufacturer Engel will expand its production footprint by building a new multi-faceted facility in Mexico. The company's goal is to establish optimal sales, logistics, and production structures for each of the three major regions: Europe, Asia, and America.

“It's Engel's philosophy to build our production plants close to our customers,” Stefan Engleder (picture below), CEO of the Engel Group, said. “This is why Engel decided to build another production facility in Mexico. The location has not been finalized at this point in time.”

The decision to expand in Mexico comes at a crucial juncture, considering current supply chain strains and global unrest. Engel's proven concept of decentralization has been a key driver of its success in the global market. This approach ensures adaptability to dynamic market conditions, and in the face of present challenges, it has become more relevant than ever.

The 10th production facility underscores Engel's commitment to self-reliance. With expertise in building components in-house, from machining centres to final assembly, the company aims to minimize the impact of external factors on its operations. This strategic move will enable Engel to maintain a robust supply chain and ensure uninterrupted delivery of products and services despite global supply chain interruptions and transportation issues.

“We are confident that customers in the United States of America, Mexico, and South America will all benefit from the capacity and expertise delivered by this expansion”, Vanessa Malena, president of Engel North America, declared.