Wittmann and FarragTech now under one roof

Technology - Wednesday, 5 February 2020

For more than 25 years, FarragTech has been active in plant engineering for plastics processing in the auxiliary equipment sector, with one main focus within its product range on compressed air granulate drying. As the inventor of the compressed air granulate dryer as well as internal compressed air mold cooling for blow molding processes, FarragTech has invariably been setting benchmarks when it comes to utilizing the benefits inherent in these technologies. Another main focus of the company’s product development lies on protection against condensation water for cooled molds, in which area FarragTech has created an exceptionally energy-efficient and low-cost solution.


Now the product range and the team of FarragTech are being integrated into the structures of the Wittmann Group, thus providing them with direct access from their headquarters in Wolfurt to the entire development know-how and the international sales network of the Wittmann Group. Further development of the FarragTech products from all three sectors will be driven forward, and it is planned to have the appliances seamlessly integrated into the open concept of Wittmann 4.0 technology.


The company’s previous owner Aaron Farrag is taking over the compressed air drying and cooling segment as Product Manager, and will incorporate this product line into the Wittmann Group. Wittmann’s Managing Director Michael Wittmann is looking forward to the future cooperation: “We extend a very cordial welcome to the FarragTech team in our group of companies. With the small-quantity dryers from FarragTech, we are closing a gap in our product portfolio. Our international outreach - combined with the advantages of these technically outstanding products - promises an enormous growth potential for our new product segment.”

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