Happy anniversary Adler

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Technology - Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Founded in 1950 in the historical town centre of Besano (near Varese, Italy), Adler celebrates, in 2020, its 70th year in business. Starting as a company specialized in designing and modifying any kind of machinery for the new-born Italian industry immediately after the Second World War, Adler soon began to manufacture machines for recovering plastics, especially post-consumer materials; these machines are now part of a diversified range of shredders, granulators, winders, separators and many other auxiliaries.


Right from the start the company, now based in Barasso (near Varese), has built its business on the founders’ talent and on product innovation at the service of its customers: a philosophy that, over time, allowed Adler to expand and establish a customer base in Italy and throughout the world with an export share which currently accounts for about 50% of its production. Today, the company values are incorporated into cutting-edge machines, resulting from the passion, reliability, quality and care for the environment reflected in the people forming the Adler team and in the technology developed and implemented by the company.

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