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Technology Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Union grows in America with two lines for PP hollow sheets

The activity od Union on the American market is stepping up thanks to the recent sale of two complete systems for the production of hollow sheets. The systems delivered by the manufacturer from San Vittore Olona (Milan, Italy) can handle various MFI values without affecting quality and productivity and offer a flatness accuracy out of the reach of conventional equipment.


The lines are equipped with avantgarde technological solutions, from the extruder to the flat head, from the calibrating device with three pairs of calibrating plates to the pressurized oven, as well as features that enable the user to process post-consumer recycled plastic and guarantee a final product of the same properties and quality as those made of virgin resins.


PP hollow sheets are used in various application fields, from construction to packaging and to billboards, where surface flatness is an essential requirement.