Sacmi introduces Driva

The format changeover on the machines for the preform inspection becomes autonomous

Technology - Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Two technological leaps in one: Sacmi has now made the manual format changeover procedure for preform inspection machines both automatic and autonomous. As of today, smart format changeover control is performed by an all-new computer vision device, Sacmi Driva (Drive and Recognise with Intelligent Vision Algorithms).


The system consists of an inspection station equipped with video camera and illuminator. Thanks to an AI algorithm, the station identifies each preform type (diameter, length and colour) and calls up the relative format changeover and correct inspection 'recipe' on the on-board computer. In other words, Driva is designed to operate as an automatic brain, providing workers with close, precise, reliable support while eliminating any risk of human error (e.g. in code copying) during the delicate sorter set-up stage.


Installed on the new Sacmi PVS10L (preform quality control machine), the system goes beyond the concept of automatic format changeovers. In addition to automating mechanical adjustment tasks, which now take just a few seconds (normally, several hours are needed), this system is designed so it can also be used by personnel who are not product experts. In this configuration, the operator simply has to oversee the general production process, analyse graphs and monitor quality statistics.


With Driva, Sacmi is taking inspection into a new computer vision era, extending its potential beyond “simple” product inspection to include the recognition of different objects: all thanks to the successful application of fast-emerging machine learning technologies.

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