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Technology Friday, 2 December 2016

The evolution of recycling

At K 2016 the Italian company CM Evolution Plast presented Principe Evo, the automatic continuous-flow belt screen changer for plastic materials having a high percentage of contamination. This fully automatic belt screen changer does not need routine maintenance, and its constant flow means that it has to be seen to be believed. Principe Evo uses two revolutionary systems: EvoBlock and EvoPulling (both patent pending).

With this device CM Evolution Plast provides a series of advantages: practical productivity, savings and greater reliability. These benefits can be seen, experienced directly and evaluated by the customer, who can test it using their own materials at CM plants. The flow continuity, together with the system linearity, allows processing with low pressures and weighted variations to avoid any melt alteration. This offers the user unimaginable application possibilities.

Another distinguishing feature is its ease of use which is limited to one simple task – changing the tape rolls. The wield-free operation does not need any special equipment, and can be carried out during the normal execution of the production cycle. The life (in days) of a 100-metre roll depends on the degree of material contamination. CM Evolution Plast’s work is defined by its testing, commissioning and after-sales service.

Principe Evo is designed to ensure trouble-free operation over time. The relationship that is created with the customer is consolidated with the implementation of the device, and is ongoing. Whatever the processor needs, CM Evolution Plast will have the spare parts and components required to provide timely maintenance.

The Principe Evo user can utilize its remote assistance service, which means that the customer can count on the manufacturer’s support at any time and wherever he is located. The processor can decide to manage the product through selectors or a touch screen, and check the parameters through digital indicators or graphics displays.