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Gefit presents its new assembly platform, that will enrich the catalogue of technical solutions offered to clients. Result of a long research and development activity, the new Gefdrive Plus has particularly innovative features, that can meet the market several needs in terms of performance, reliability and flexibility.


The new innovative Gefdrive Plus is the concrete interpretation of the multiple needs highlighted by the market.


The basic module ­- the heart of the concept - provides for the necessary motions for loading and  translation of the components during the production process. 4.0 sensors are used to check the machine status, while 4.0 accelerometers and 4.0 temperature sensor are installed to monitor the machine behavior during production.


These performances make the Gefdrive plus the optimal solution for: pressing and screwing of items that require angular orientation; high output assembly of items that require long technical time for processing (welding, leak test etc.); lining operation with high output; every time it is needed to combine the benefits of pick-and-place and continuous motion solutions.