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Materials Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Teppfa renewed its website and visual identity

The European plastic pipe and fittings association,Teppfa, launched a new website and a new visual identity. Ever since its foundation in 1991, the association has built up a wealth of information based on research. The view was to become the definitive source of information within Europe on the subject of performance and benefits associated with plastic pipes. In ensuring this information and knowledge is easily available, TEPPFA has now refreshed its website.


“Over the past few years the Teppfa environment has changed dramatically. The marketplace is now more sophisticated in its approach for quality information at the “click of a button” on a range of issues such as environmental sustainability. It is the role of Teppfa to provide the latest and most relevant information from a wide range of sources. The new website is aimed at reflecting and delivering these changes”, Ludo Debever, General Manager, said.


“For the design of the website we focused on a powerful, dynamic and professional display of facts and research on plastic pipes. The new website has been developed to optimize the user experience by guiding them to the relevant information as efficiently as possible in a clear and concise format", Sergejs Maslakovs, Teppfa Communications Manager, declared.


As part of the new website site project, Teppfa has also refreshed its branding to reflect the focus and importance of the environment within the pipe industry. Plastic pipe system manufacturers provide a range of solutions that contribute to a better well-being of the people and to a more sustainable planet.