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Technology Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Stretch film and strapping... better protection for pipe coils

Three of FB Balzanelli’s new Strap & Stretch winding machines have been supplied to a processor who wanted to find a way of better protecting and securing its pipe coils. Indeed, these, once packaged, have to make long journeys during which they are exposed to all types of weather, to dust and to UV rays, and it was felt that the traditional packaging method, using only stretch film, was no longer adequate to prevent the product from getting damaged. Thus, the processor chose the new Strap & Stretch winding machines. These machines have extended the FB Balzanelli range and allowed it to increase its market shares. The Strap & Stretch winding machines are designed to package pipe coils using both stretch film and strapping, so as to make them more compact, more resilient and easier to load on pallets, all of which impacts positively on transport and storage costs.