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Technology Wednesday, 7 July 2021

“Smart” automatic coiler for large diameter pipes

The TR3515PE automatic coiler from the FB Balzanelli Excellence Series is perfect for coiling PE pressure pipes and gas pipes from 75 to 160 mm. The machine consists in one reel, one or two automatic strapping head for safer packaging operation and Round Pipe System on board. Smart frame designed to be assembled left to right or right to left version, the coils optimal sizes are achieved thanks to adjustments repeatable and storable into a number of recipes.


The reel internal diameter can be easily adjusted on each arm by a worm screw, while the width is centralized adjustable for a quicker reel sizes set up. The pipes are regularly distributed by the guide integrated traversing system, driven on two axes and designed for each size. The pipe cutting is performed by the external cut that issues a signal to allow the coiler to recover the pipe faster after cutting. According to the pipe features a few more specific devices, such as the haul-off on board (Round Pipe System), can be added onto the coiler. With the double strapping head intermediate strapping is quicker and safer with less pipe accumulation. The rear adjustable arms work to ease the coil ejection as they push the coil off the reel.