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Technology Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Six days devoted to the pipes

Fifteen machines have been displayed by Sica during an open house at its headquarters from July 11 to 16 to present the most recent innovations destined to the production of pipes. Two cutting machines and two belling machines in particular were under the spotlights.
The TRK/C 2500 cutting machine can work in an extrusion line for cutting PE pipes with diameter and thickness up to 2500 m and 180 mm respectively without material removal. This solution completely avoids all the problems and the major inconveniences that result from cutting with production of chips and dust and from their subsequent collection and management.
The TRS 160W cutting machine has been specifically designed and assembled for cutting and chamfering PP and PVC pipes without material removal. This model cuts pipes with outer diameter from 32 to 160 mm in extrusion lines. The system can also be realized for saws diameter up to 500 mm. The new system does not need a vacuuming system or material recycling operations, provides superior chamfer quality, requires less maintenance, and maintains a clean environment. Furthermore, the pipe is clean to be heated again in case of socketing.
The Unibell1 200 JRE belling machine features an IR-SW short-waves oven and is characterized by the electromechanical movement of the forming carriage and the complete elimination of hydraulic drives, also for the Rieber system (fully pneumatic). A screw jack, connected to a latest generation brushless motor with inverter, allows a quick and precise mandrel positioning in a closed loop with high mechanical efficiency (up to 70%) and very low noise level. Without the need for oil cooling, this solution also allows a considerable reduction of water use. Moreover, with the elimination of hydraulic movements any possible oil leakage into the environment are avoided and ordinary maintenance is reduced. Both the heating system (IR-SW oven) and the implemented forming carriage drive lead to a high level of process energy efficiency: the machine uses energy only when strictly required, during the pipe heating phase and for the duration of the carriage movement. The consequences are a faster return on investment, a greater competitiveness and a greater respect for the environment.
Finally, Everbell4 200 PSP belling machine has been completely rethought and modernized. It presents innovative features such as: pipe heating in a single IR-SW oven; mandrel and flange electromechanical movement that assures high speed with accurate positioning of the belling tools; easy process parameters setting from operating panel; high energy efficiency; very low noise level; high system reliability. The Permanent Socket Profile function assures the repetitiveness of the process and the shape of the socket over time.