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Technology Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Seventy years in the service of the plastics industry

It was May 12, 1950 when two long-time friends, who had first shared their childhood years and then known the pain of the World War II, decided to build themselves a future based on the ideals of new-found freedom, reconstruction, and work which then went on to give life to Union Officine Meccaniche, that on May 12, 2020 celebrated seventy years on the Italian and international industrial panorama.


Since then, the passing of years, the arrival of new generations and the change in ownership has not dimmed the founders' spirit, which still today underscores the company's philosophy and mission: namely the desire to create value through work and innovation.


"We would have preferred to be able to celebrate this important occasion under different and better circumstances, perhaps together with everyone who in these seventy years has contributed to the growth and development of our company but, in respect to the pain of everybody who, during this period, as lost a family member, friend or colleague, we felt obliged to share with you a heartfelt, though virtual, hug of recognition, postponing the festivities until our next milestone of eighty years: we will be waiting there for you", said the company’s president Ferdinando Passoni.


Today, Union is committed with ever greater energy and strength to the development of innovative extrusion technology, particularly for the production of optical polycarbonate sheets for personal protection in various fields of application. Even in light of the difficulties imposed by the health emergency, the company is set up to build its plants quickly and optimally, overcoming problems that arise from a pipeline that is being challenged, without knowing when and if it will recover its pre-Covid-19 efficiency. Currently, Union is concentrating its efforts in particular on shortening delivery times for plants destined for emergency production which, in the current context, is seen as the best way to honour its seventy years in the service of the plastics market.