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Marketing Wednesday, 16 March 2022

RadiciGroup at Plastimagen: focus on sustainability and performance

At Plastimagen fair (Mexico City, March 8-11), RadiciGroup focused on performance and sustainability by presenting innovative products for the automotive industry and latest generation flame-retardant materials that meet the stringent demands of the electrical/electronic and electronic mobility sectors.


RadiciGroup boasts many years of presence in Mexico. Since 2015, it has owned and operated Radici Plastics Mexico, a manufacturer of high-performance materials for the automotive, electrical/electronic and other industries.


“The company has recently relocated its headquarters to a new site and plant with a surface area of 20,000 square metres, doubling its production capacity,” said Gianluca Cesco Frare, Mexico country manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. “This move became necessary to ensure our support for future development in the sector and strengthen the Group’s presence in the North American market. Furthermore, significant investments have already been made in a new project to achieve a further increase in capacity in 2022 that will help meet the growth in demand and take advantage of the opportunities offered by an extremely dynamic market.”


RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers showcased a wide range of products at the Plastimagen show to promote its regional leadership in the engineering polymer sector, especially polyamides.


“Mexico is an important market in continual expansion for automotive, particularly e-mobility, and other sectors such as electrical/electronics, where we can provide our flame retardant materials resulting from the Group's research and innovation efforts”, Edi Degasperi, CEO North America of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers pointed out.


High-quality, innovative and environmentally friendly materials. At the trade fair, RadiciGroup is also exhibiting its new Renycle range of sustainable engineering plastics, made from recycled polyamide, to meet the growing market demand for products with a low and measurable environmental impact without compromising on reliability, traceability and safety.


This established commitment to sustainability has been recognized with a “Distintivo Azul” award bestowed by the Asociacion Nacional de Industrias del Plastico (Anipac) on Radici Plastics Mexico for its excellent implementation, two years in a row, of the “Cero Pérdida de Pellets - CPP” programme, an initiative aimed at reducing plastic pellet and powder loss to the environment. The goal was achieved through zero-pellet-loss containment and handling practices, from raw material entry to semi-finished product exit.


CPP is the local version of “Operation Clean Sweep - OCS”, an international programme promoted by the industry trade associations of 57 countries around the world, which RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers and all its production sites joined in January 2019 on a voluntary basis, as part of the RadiciGroup Sustainability policy.


“We are the fourth company, and the first one in the automotive sector, to receive the “Distintivo,” Gianluca Cesco Frare added. “Our commitment has been taken on by all workers, who work hard, day in and day out, to continuously improve our results, while maintaining our high standards.”