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Materials Wednesday, 12 February 2020

RadiciGroup at Auto Expo Components with innovative and sustainable materials

The leading producer of high performance engineering polymers, RadiciGroup exhibited at Auto Expo Components 2020 (New Delhi, February 6-9), the major Asian trade fair focusing exclusively on the automotive market. In its 15th edition, Auto Expo Components 2020 showcased some of the latest products for the auto industry, a sector that is experiencing strong expansion in India.


“We have been present in India for many years,” said Silvio Dorati, managing director India of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. “And that, on top of our well-run organization with a sustainability oriented approach and a wide portfolio of innovative products, has made it possible to maintain close relationships with our customers in a crucially important market. At the company stand, visitors were able to see end-user products made with its materials, for both the conventional automotive market and the e-mobility market. In the latter segment, lightweighting of vehicles through metal replacement acquires an even greater importance as it is essential for increasing mileage range and making them more sustainable.


The RadiciGroup product range on display at Auto Expo 2020 comprised both standard and innovative materials. The standard line mainly included two products, PA 6.6 Radilon A and PA 6 Radilon S, offered in a variety of grades that have been developed over the years to meet the needs of the various automotive segments (powertrain, thermal management, interiors and exteriors). Concurrently, as a response to market demand for increasingly higher performance materials and following the evolution of the automotive sector, RadiciGroup introduced numerous innovative materials, such as Radilon D (PA 610, partially obtained from bio-source materials), Radilon DT (PA 612), Radilon Aestus T1 (PPA), Raditeck (PPS) and the very latest product, Radilon NeXTreme, a polyamide material ideal for exposure to high temperatures (up to 230°C in air), which was launched on the market at the recent K 2019 fair in Düsseldorf.


The new PA 612 (Radilon DT) and PA 610 (Radilon D) can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures higher than traditional PA 12. Applications of these products include: air ducts, cooling system ducts, TOC and SCR hoses, and fuel line tubes capable of passing tests in air and gasoline at continuous use temperatures of up to 120-130°C.


For e-mobility applications, RadiciGroup offers a complete range of products comprising polyamide flame resistant halogen and red phosphorous-free materials, for instance, Radiflam A (PA 6.6) and Radiflam S (PA 6), which are already being used in many components of the battery system, connectors and inverters for cars, heavy vehicles, motorcycles and electric bicycles. The excellent mechanical and electrical properties and the ensured long-life of the components, even after exposure to harsh use conditions created by high temperatures and aggressive chemicals, make these RadiciGroup specialties particularly well suited and reliable for e-mobility applications.