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Technology Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Pursuing excellence and generating shared value

To mark World Earth Day - which has been held for the last 50 years in order to promote the ethical right to a healthy, balanced and sustainable environment, with events staged across every corner of the globe - Biesse has published the third edition of the Group's Sustainability Report (the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement) on all its communication channels. A symbolic connection, which highlights the Group's focus on one of the cornerstones of Biesse's sustainability policy - the environment - alongside the company's dedication to economic and social sustainability.


The Sustainability Report provides customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and local communities with the opportunity to access a fully transparent account of the results achieved by the Group, as well as an overview of the future scenarios pertaining to Biesse's economic, social and environmental sustainability policy. Biesse Group's main objectives include the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the launch of the ISO 45001 certification process for safety at work. The Group promotes a responsible approach to the use of natural resources, avoiding waste where possible and implementing energy efficiency initiatives. Biesse is aware of the global challenges and the objectives promoted at Community level on the basis of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and as such, the Group has taken the decision to make an active contribution to the fight against climate change, through the purchase of electricity produced using renewable sources, with a view to significantly reducing indirect CO2 emissions from as early as 2020. At the same time, the ISO 45001 certification process has been launched, in order to ensure that Biesse employees can benefit from high levels of health and safety in the workplace.


“This third edition of the Sustainability Report is another step on the path towards the strategic understanding of the impacts generated by the business for all of the company's stakeholders. This path guides all of our corporate strategies, and increasingly sees research, innovation and value redistribution as a key factor for the future of our business, enabling us to align Biesse with the current global economic and financial policies that will allow us to achieve so-called sustainable success” - Alessandra Parpajola, executive member of the Group's Board of Directors and active promoter of sustainability within the company, declared - “The future of companies lies in the increasing cross-over between corporate social responsibility and strategic industrial planning, as they pursue a progressive approach of continuous improvement in light of these issues”.


Some of the highlights for the Group that emerged in the Sustainability Report include: over 661 million euros of economic value distributed by the Group in 2019, 706 million euros of total revenues, and 50% women on the Board of Directors. 89% of purchases made from local suppliers with regard to manufacturing facilities in Italy, India and China, ten ISO 9001:2015 certified production plants in Italy, India and China, more than 300 people involved in Research and Development activities for a total of approximately 276,000 working hours. 95% of employees hired on permanent contracts, 95% of senior management team members hired locally, more than 120,000 hours of training delivered to staff over the course of 2019, more than 13,000 hours of training dedicated to safety at work. In addition, Biesse has provided support for social, cultural, artistic and sporting initiatives in the areas in which it operates, with 16,500 sqm of photovoltaic panels installed, 539 tons of carbon dioxide saved through the use of photovoltaic panels, 92% of total waste produced of non-dangerous type, and an 11% decrease in water consumption compared to the previous year.