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Technology Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Previero-Sorema plant for the Mexican bottle-to-bottle

A turnkey plant manufactured by Previero-Sorema was recently delivered to the Mexican recycler Envases Universales México in order to increase its production capacity of rPET flakes for food use. This plant produces up to 9,000 kg per hour of washed and reground PET flakes obtained from the municipal collection of post-consumer bottles, so that high percentages of rPET can be reintroduced in the production of containers, preforms and bottles.


The bottle-to-bottle rPET plant has made Sorema technology a benchmark in Mexico, Latin America and the world market. The plant includes automatic feeding, pre-washing, de-labeling, wet grinding, hot washing, flotation, rinsing and drying stages. The line also incorporates high-sensitivity material and colour detectors for bottles and flakes. In addition, it is equipped with a Sorema Scada 4.0 digital supervision system for efficient local and remote control. 


The company also offers the possibility of integrating a wastewater treatment plant with filtration (physical-chemical treatment) and sludge dewatering system into the line, so that it is possible to obtain the highest quality and efficiency while minimizing any management problems.


Thanks to Previero's high quality standards applied in the construction of the plants, with particular attention to the testing of individual components, the complete assembly of the line and the dry tests before shipment, the washing and recycling plant for PET bottles could be reassembled and commissioned in Mexico without any inconvenience or delay. The bottle-to-bottle recycling system is covered by Sorema's warranty and after-sales service.