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Environment Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Predictivity: the new frontier for CNCs

The key element in the future success of manufacturing companies lies in the technological evolution that today unites human expertise and experience with the total automation and interconnection of manufacturing solutions. From October 19 to 21, Biesse opened the doors of its Pesaro campus, demonstrating the advantages that the company's technology offers for those who work with plastics and wood industry.

“The momentous change that has characterised the market in recent years is radical, and is constantly evolving. The current context can provide enormous benefit to companies - the market scenario represents opportunities for both large factories and small artisan businesses to find extensive margins for growth, facilitating improved work with machines", comments Raphaël Prati, marketing and communications director for Biesse Group. “Biesse is by the side of its customers during this journey of growth, providing advanced technologies and services that enable the digitisation and automation of factories and production processes, optimising all key assets - whether technological, strategic, organisational or human", concludes Prati.

190,000 square metres of innovation made available to clients for testing, providing them with the opportunity to take a closer look at the machinery, automated systems, advanced software and interconnected technologies capable of optimising manufacturing processes and digitalising factories.

Inside the Tech Center, visitors were also able to meet Sophia, the IoT platform by Biesse, developed in collaboration with Accenture, which enables its customers to access a wide range of services to streamline and rationalise their work management processes, and which will be sooner available also for the processing plastics machines. This technology is based on the connection to a cloud service and a number of special sensors applied to the Biesse machines, which together enable information and data on the technologies in use to be recorded and sent in real time, optimising performance, preventing malfunctions and increasing the productivity of machines and systems. In addition, the direct connection with Parts, the Biesse replacement parts portal and the ability to upgrade software in a few clicks provides customers with everyday work tools that can simplify a host of tasks. The key value of Sophia is the power of its predictive nature: the ability of this technology to offer a vision of the future, anticipating issues that may arise, identifying solutions and improving performance. The IoT features within the platform guarantee a significant increase in productivity, courtesy of a process of constant, accurate and comprehensive analysis and reporting on manufacturing performance.

Biesse has also introduced significant new developments in terms of software with B_Avant, the BiesseSystems supervisor for the integrated and efficient management of production facilities, in accordance with processing needs. Each component/batch is tracked, and can be easily traced at any time. The software is customisable and can be perfectly integrated with pre-existing management and software systems, offering full functionality. Visitors were also able to view a number of production lines, for a closer look at the benefits and opportunities that production flow automation offers in terms of efficiency and quality.