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Materials Wednesday, 25 November 2020

PP-based films: towards an even more complete recyclability


Termoplast, a leading company in the production of polyolefin technical films for flexible packaging, has always devoted itself to the study of new solutions capable of satisfying the new legislation in force in terms of sustainability for plastic materials consumption.


We have already presented to Macplas Online readers the two new films with reduced thickness (CRYSTAL PE and SUPER PFC) for the creation of PE-based monomaterial structures suitable for recycling. These are products with characteristics worthy of the best known multi-material laminated structures available on the market and not recyclable.


Today we present the new range of Termoplast products suitable for the realization of mono-material 100% recyclable structures in PP. Another challenge won by the Tuscan company, which today is able to offer a wide range of PP-based products which offer noteworthy versatility.


The new family of PP-based films, with and without gas barrier, made by blown and cast co-extrusion technology, offer multiple possibilities for the creation of packaging entirely based on polypropylene matrix, for doypacks and stand-up applications but mainly for lidding on PP trays.


These films, which can be laminated with the classic OPP and BOPP also through hot lamination processes, therefore without the use of adhesives that would affect recyclability, offer multiple solutions thanks to their adaptability to the most heterogeneous applications. In fact, they are available in sealable, peelable, antifog, peelable/antifog versions at the same time, low-sealing and also sterilizable. Through their use, the age-old gap of non-recyclability of multi-material structures containing PET or PA used up to now is fulfilled.


These films, already tested under the most demanding packaging conditions, are available to offer the market a new path towards optimal recyclability and an increasingly circular and sustainable economy.


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