Expansion in Germany

Persico acquires the activities of bielomatik in the welding business

Technology - Wednesday, 19 February 2020

The leading Italian multinational production systems manufacturer, Persico, has announced the acquisition of the plastic welding business of bielomatik Leuze, a manufacturer of plastic welding and lubrication systems based in Neuffen, Germany.


The acquisition will significantly strengthen the market presence of both Persico Group and bielomatik. "After the acquisition of the plastic welding unit by Persico, bielomatik can set the course for sustainable business success, as it will have greater financial stability and can focus on its key products. We are very pleased to welcome Persico to the German market,” Juergen Lochner and Gerd Kaufmann, executive directors of bielomatik, said.


Pierino Persico, president of Persico, commented with enthusiasm: “We are excited about taking over bielomatik’s renowned plastic welding systems business, which will complement and extend Persico Group’s current range of products and services. Thanks to bielomatik’s long experience and great expertise in the industry, we expect a smooth transition and will be up and running to serve the market in short order.”


The plastic welding systems unit, under Persico’s ownership, will carry on operations in Neuffen with the same high level of quality and customer service.

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