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Materials Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Oldrati and MrWolf develop a regenerated-rubber mousse for mountain bikes

After launching in 2017 Banger, an antipuncture system for mountain bikes in the form of a mousse specifically designed for use in MTB and EMTB, MrWolf is today one of the most innovative startups on the market, whose solutions are increasingly meeting the interest of both enthusiastic cyclists and professional athletes. One of the most avant-garde projects carried out byMrWolf concerns the collaboration with Oldrati Group, one of the most important international groups in the production of rubber, plastic and silicone products. The two companies from Lombardy (Italy) are in fact working together on the production of the first eco-sustainable mousse.


In September 2020, Oldrati Group’s expertise led to the launch of Oldrati Ogreen, the first eco-sustainable rubber that allows the production of quality technical articles in rubber, using regenerated rubber. A technological innovation that finds application in many sectors, one of which is certainly cycling sports. Together with MrWolf, the Group is in fact engaged in research tests and in the production of a mousse containing regenerated material, namely Oldrati Ogreen.


Among the solutions that have made MrWolf famous among riders, we cannot forget Komdom, the first real anti-puncture solution for the mountain bike world and in particular for the growing eBike market. The distinctive feature of Komdom consists in its ability to combine the performance of a mousse with the practicality of air, allowing to customize and make perfect the feeling of the product for each type of user and use.


The mousse component dampens shocks, giving new grip and comfort to the bike; the inner tube allows you to change at will the response of the wheel group to adapt to every need of the rider. Besides ensuring the performance of Komdom, another objective of the ongoing research is to associate the product with a philosophy of attention and care for the environment.


MrWolf’s choice to use Oldrati Ogreen for its mousses brings with it numerous advantages, among which the reduction in the consumption of virgin resources, the reduction in waste and a lower use of disposal plants with a consequent reduction in environmental impact: a very important aspect that, also in this specific project, represents a great added value for the company and for the enthusiast.


Being able to offer solutions that contain components and innovations produced through sustainable processes and in full compliance with the principles of circular economy is an important step both in the field of outdoor sports and for all those sectors that, even today, have difficulties in the introduction of components that include regenerated material in their products.