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Technology Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Not just predictive maintenance: Bausano presents Orquestra

What are the opportunities of Industry 4.0 applied to the world of extrusion? The thoughts of Bausano are turned into inspiration to make extruders increasingly smart. In that sense, Bausano presents the innovative software Orquestra, a centralised control system that was developed ad hoc and which integrates all components of the extrusion system with the most advanced 4.0 technologies, in terms of smart diagnosis and predictive maintenance.


Ideal also for revamping interventions, Orquestra guarantees continuous and real time monitoring of all production parameters and can generate immediate reports, with easy-to-understand graphs regarding performance indicators, among which the machine’s status, the quantity of waste produced, and the work hours. Moreover and thanks to the Bausano IIoT Data Manager, it is possible to connect all the machines present on the site in an enabling way, integrating them with corporate management systems, such as ERP, MES and CRM, in favour of automated management of production recipes. The analysis of raw data, collected and made usable by Orquestra, makes it possible for end users to autonomously optimise the entire extrusion process, thanks to reliable information that makes for a perfect end product and prevents any damage to the system.


Specifically, Orquestra allows for the evolution from scheduled to predictive maintenance, thus guaranteeing higher productivity levels and time and resource savings when it comes to technical support. In that sense, with the Customer’s authorisation for the transmission of data in the cloud, the Bausano Team can remotely access the machine’s operation indicators and point out possible malfunctions in advance. In this way, remote support operations are also facilitated, carried out through Bausano’s augmented reality app, Acty. Lastly, sharing the data enables Bausano to offer consultancy services with added value, aimed at making production processes more efficient.


“In a consolidated department such as that of extrusion, Bausano has always been a proponent of continuous innovation, through the introduction of new technological paradigms, indispensable nowadays in order to guarantee high levels of competitiveness to manufacturers of plastic materials. This is the context in which we are launching Orquestra, which offers us twice the results: on the one hand, the End Users have a machine that can support them in constantly improving their performance, in terms of product quality and lead-times. On the other hand, the analysis over time of the parameters of our lines in operation will help form a virtuous circle, where we and the Customers design the future of extrusion, together”, declared Clemente Bausano, Vice President of Bausano.