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Materials Tuesday, 2 February 2021

New release agent for the moulding of advanced composite materials


The global leader in the development and production of highly effective release agents, purging compounds, and other ancillary moulding products, Chem-Trend has launched the new release agent Chemlease 2754W. This semi-permanent product is specifically designed for advanced composites and high-performance carbon fibre components. It allows for multiple releases and thus saves costs. In addition, thanks to its water-based formula, the impact on the environment is reduced and working conditions are improved.


“With Chemlease 2754W, we have brought a highly innovative, semi-permanent release agent to market. This product significantly improves efficiency by enabling multiple releases. Due to its lower application rate, low VOC and water-based formula, it enhances sustainability and helps to create a healthier workplace,” said Tomasz Krause, European Business Director Composites at Chem-Trend.


Chemlease 2754W is the successor product to the renowned Chemlease 2191W release agent and is specially tailored for advanced composites. It separates common resin systems from almost all substrates and can be applied at various mould temperatures. Contrary to the use of solvent-based release agents, it is not necessary to let the mould cool down. Switching to a water-based release agent helps to boost production efficiency, as downtimes are avoided and overall costs reduced. In addition, the product has a short flash-off time and is almost odourless.


The new release agent is especially suited for advanced composites and high performance components that are typically manufactured from carbon fibre and high-grade resin systems. It can be used in BMC, SMC, infusion, autoclaving, and compression moulding with only minimal transfer to the finished product. Whether you are using thermoset prepregs or thermoplastic semipregs, the product is compatible with a wide range of materials. Chemlease 2754W is supplied ready-to-use for spraying or for applying manually to moulds.