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Technology Wednesday, 26 January 2022

New bottle for functional waters

Easy to carry and use, pocket-sized, comfortable and ergonomic. These are the flagship features of the new bottle developed by Sipa for functional waters. These waters stand out for their specific functions, such as their rehydrating, energizing and anti-stress features and can be used during sports activities, in the office and on the most varied occasions to obtain an invigorating effect.


The functional water market is constantly expanding: in Italy it is growing at the rate of 50%, which demonstrates a great interest in a product that, until recently, was virtually unknown. The demand for these waters arises from the need to take care of oneself with different and easily available products which can accompany the consumer throughout the day.


Mineral salts are added to these waters, which rehydrate the body and help to rebalance the saline loss due to sports activity or heat, the same way as zero-calories vegetable juices. Today several types of functional water can be found on the market. For example: with B vitamins, which give energy; with birch sap for a draining effect; with magnesium and potassium for an invigorating and moisturizing action; with aloe vera, for a detoxifying and anti-stress effect.


To develop the project, Sipa thought of a comfortable bottle that is ergonomic (stable, easy to open and to close), sporty (light, pocket-sized, portable, with dynamic shape and saturated colors), sustainable (made of recycled PET, using the least amount of material possible and optimizing storage).


The result is a 750 ml bottle that is extremely innovative and environment friendly. To maximize convenience, the bottle has a "squeeze" unthreaded cap. In addition, features such as lightness, a size compatible with the most common pocket formats, ease of transport and an "ovalized" shape (rather than round) were privileged in the design stage. The grip has been facilitated with a large non-slip surface. The bottle also has a shape that makes it easy to be stored and compacted.