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Marketing Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Maklaus rewinders certified for Industry 4.0 tax credits

Building on a solid technological base that ensures simplicity and flexibility of use, in July 2022 Maklaus rewinders have obtained the certificate of "4.0 ready asset” entitling to Industry 4.0 tax credits. 


The possibility of interconnecting these machines to the factory IT systems through an application software program translates into various benefits, which are not limited to the possibility of remote technical assistance and uploading of instructions and/or work orders, but also include the ability, on request, to integrate the rewinders into the production process along with other machines.


Given their technological features, Maklaus rewinders are therefore to be considered a functional asset for the technological and digital transition of enterprises according to the Industry 4.0 principles. The certificate of conformity that testifies compliance with the requirements that define these machines as "4.0 ready" was issued by a panel of Amaplast experts, who determined, for the purchaser companies, the possibility of taking advantage of the 4.0 tax credit, once the specific obligations envisaged for the purchaser have been fulfilled.