Test just ended at Union

Line for rPET sheets: no difference with the virgin material

Technology - Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Some days ago, a complete PET sheet coextrusion line underwent final testing at the Union factory in San Vittore Olona (near Milan). Destined for the European market, the line includes a ZP 112/52 D twin-screw extruder with four degassing stages and a TR 90/44 D single-screw co-extruder for the production of A-B-A type thermoforming sheets for food containers.


The line was specifically designed for processing 100% post-consumer recycled PET flake in order to obtain an extrudate comparable to the virgin polymer in terms of transparency and luster. The production capacity of the plant can reach 1,700 kg/h. The resulting sheet has a useful width of 1,600 mm and thickness from 130 a 1,800 microns.

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