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Materials Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Latigloss compounds for veterinary pliers

Latigloss structural compounds produced by Lati are designed to combine the high mechanical strength of 50% glass fibre-reinforced PA 66 with a high-quality surface finish, usually impossible to achieve with filled semi-crystalline polymers. The fibres used to reinforce structural plastics are usually visible on the surface of the moulded pieces, often to the point of making them aesthetically unsuitable for applications that are not purely technical.


The Latigloss compounds instead ensure perfectly even surfaces, even in the case of bright colours or when dealing with challenging geometries, complex or hefty, or with items that have considerably varying thicknesses. These advantages persuaded Chevillot, a French company and leader in the production of livestock tagging systems, to use engineering polymers, instead of metal, for its ear tag applicators. The company has successfully replaced its traditional pliers, made from bent and painted sheet metal, with moulded ones made of engineering polymer, which are just as reliable and durable.


Furthermore, the geometry of the plastic arms simplifies cleaning and disinfection operations, which are quite safe thanks to the excellent chemical resistance of the compound. The pliers, manufactured by Alpha Industrie Plastique, are perfectly serviceable thanks to the considerable dimensional stability and mechanical strength of the reinforced Latigloss compound, a material boasting a high modulus of elasticity and a breaking strength greater than 2,000 kg/cm2.