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Technology Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Large melt pupms for high production

The high-capacity melt pump portfolio has been expanded by Nordson Corporation enhancing process efficiency and end-product quality while reducing the total cost of ownership in comparison with its previous large pumps. The new BKG BlueFlow melt pumps are available in five sizes, with capacities ranging from 1,164 to 4,900 cc per revolution. They represent a harmonization and optimization of previous pump designs developed separately by the melt pump business of Kreyenborg and by Xaloy Corporation, which were acquired by Nordson in 2013 and 2012, respectively. Prior to harmonizing these new large-capacity melt pumps, Nordson had carried out a similar alignment of smaller melt pumps with capacities from 33 to 716 cc per revolution. These pump sizes have been successfully installed in a vast number of extrusion, compounding and polymerization applications world-wide.


The new harmonized design reduces the total cost of ownership in these ways:

- improved end-product quality: by maintaining constant pressure and adapting to process variations, the new-design pumps increase product consistency, making it possible to run thinner layers, for example, while staying within target tolerances;

- greater output: Nordson has improved productivity by rheologically optimizing the core components and the polymer flow through the pump;

- reduced downtime: other features of the new pumps are designed to speed up installation, simplify maintenance, and streamline the selection of spare parts;

- energy savings: an increase of 10% in the heat-exchange area has saved energy by reducing heating requirements for these fluid-heated pumps; all of the new sizes are equipped with a new  multilayer heating arrangement as standard; this enhances the processing of temperature- and shear- sensitive polymers and facilitates applications that must comply with the EU’s Atex safety directives.


“Like the smaller-sized new-generation melt pumps that we introduced earlier, the new high-capacity pumps repay their initial cost through improved productivity, enhanced product quality, and energy efficiency,” said Christian Schröder, Global Product Line Manager. “Customers benefit from streamlined processes, along with consistent global technical information and support services”.