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Technology Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Injection molding: continuity and safety with a 4.0 perspective

New release of the app for QE1008-W, a system measuring deformation in injection moulding applications, created by Sensormate - a company of the Gefran Group. QE1008-W is a complete set including deformation sensors which are easily and rapidly assembled thanks to their press-on magnetic technology. It is the preferred solution by many of the leading machine builders and injection moulders to simultaneously measure column deformation and the clamping force of the moulds of the press. QE1008-W is completely wireless, in order to effectively meet the needs of smart factories. Through the new Sensormate app, available for Android, Windows and IOS, signals coming from sensors are detected in wireless mode by the QE Booster receiver box. The latter is equipped with a Bluetooth interface and transmits measurement data to a PC, smartphone or tablet for further processing and analysis.


“Guaranteeing a higher quality of production is essential in injection moulding, where the focus is put, as well as on injection pressure, also on the clamping force and the even distribution of forces among the columns of the press”, Piero Tempini, Operation Manager at Sensormate, stated. “In this sense, the connection between sensors and receiver through the app gives several benefits, such as their substitution in just a few seconds in case of malfunctions, or the simplified setting of ad hoc configurations for the different measurement tasks. A truly versatile and easy-to-use solution which has been further enhanced in terms of usability by our development team”.


The app allows visualising the measurement values for the specific sensors, as well as the compensated elongation in curve of the 4 columns of the press, and their average value. These data are used to calculate the maximum standard deviation from the average, and the operator will receive a warning if anomalies are detected. The application also displays the clamping force of the machine both in kilonewtons and in tonnes. Furthermore, the system measures column elongation, which is a useful value to prevent overloading or potential damage early, during the design phase. On top of having a diagram for dynamic measurements, the app also features several new functions, designed to support users and simplify fast data archiving processes by exporting files in a CSV format, ensuring a traceable quality.


“Thanks to QE1008-W column deformation measurements have never been so easy: in order to also guarantee all benefits of the new Sensormate app to users with a previous model, the receiver box features a new software for upgrading the various functions in the default configuration. It is therefore possible to rapidly perform all updates as well as, upon request, specific configurations for our Clients”, Piero Tempini concluded.


The app, available in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish, as well as in Chinese, can be directly downloaded from Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows App Store.