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Marketing Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Icma technology for advanced recycling selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation

Historic Italian manufacturer of compounding and extrusion lines, and for over 30 years a leading player in plant engineering dedicated to the recycling of plastics, Icma San Giorgio contributed to the achievement of a very important result announced on April 13th by Bertrand Piccard, president and founder of Solar Impulse Foundation.


The aforementioned foundation, already promoter of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, has in fact identified, after a careful selection process lasting more than four years, the first 1000 solutions (#beyond1000solutions) that offer a concrete and profitable answer to the great challenge of environmental sustainability.


Icma's contribution is given by the advanced re-compounding recycling solution called Ecosheet, thanks to which high torque co-rotating twin screw extruders, the result of many years of development work in the field of plastic material recycling, are able to mix and convey mixed waste plastics which then take shape into highly functionalized technical products. The inclusion of this plant solution in the selected group identified by Solar Impulse took place last October with the award of the foundation's exclusive label, which the Italian manufacturer is authorized to use today.


The Ecosheet plant solution was developed by the Icma technical team in over three years of intense work also and won the attention of the European Commission which first awarded the Seal of Excellence and then awarded the project within the Horizon 2020 phase 2 scheme.


“We are very happy with the contribution given to Solar Impulse for this important result, which comes after a great development effort and which confirms our concrete and over thirty-year commitment to the green transition. The Ecosheet line perfectly combines at least three elements that distinguish us, our natural predisposition for innovation, our co-rotating extruders dedicated to the most advanced recycling, full of cutting-edge technical systems for this sector of use, and finally Icma's unique engineering capabilities for complex turnkey projects. We are protagonists in the challenges posed by the new paradigm of the circular economy, this is a certainty", commented Giorgio Colombo, Icma CEO.