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Materials Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Halogen-free flame-retardant grades for demanding cable insulation

Supplier of silane crosslinkable compounds for wire and cable and plastic pipe industries, Padanaplast will introduce a number of new flame-retardant grades of its Cogegum AFR and Cogegum GFR product families at Wire 2018 (Düsseldorf, April 16-20).

These advanced compounds incorporate a halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) technology, which ensures self-extinguishing, low-smoke and low-toxicity properties in compliance with the strict construction products regulation specifications of EU Regulation 305/2011 for wires and cables in buildings. New grades are also available complying with ISO 6722 for automotive single-core 60V cables.

 “Wire and cable suppliers to demanding industries such as construction and transportation are challenged with increasingly strict requirements for the fire safety of their products,” explains Antonello Casale, R&I & Tech Service Manager for Padanaplast. “The zero-halogen FR technology of our new Cogegum AFR and Cogegum GFR compounds virtually eliminates the health hazards and corrosivity associated with non-self-extinguishing and/or halogenated materials in case of fire. In construction, this meets with the growing demand for a new generation of safer, CPR compliant cables particularly in public buildings, while the use of automotive cables made with Cogegum GFR HFFR compounds also facilitates the end-of-life recycling of vehicles, where halogens can give place to toxic emissions and have a significantly degrading effect on metals”, he adds.

At Wire 2018 and with immediate availability, Padanaplast will introduce five new CPR-compliant Cogegum HFFR grades for building & construction and two special HFFR grades targeted at automotive applications:

- Cogegum GFR 1614, a silane crosslinkable insulation compound with high mechanical and electrical properties for maximum fire safety while maintaining all other performance benefits typical of XLPE;

- Cogegum GFR 1703, a flexible silane crosslinkable compound offering same mechanical and electrical performances as high-modulus rubber-based compounds (HEPR);

- Cogegum GFR 1404, a silane crosslinkable insulation grade for building wire and single-wire applications with enhanced flame resistance;

- Cogegum GFR 380, a silane crosslinkable sheathing grade with enhanced resistance to mineral oils and fuels for power applications in railway, marine and chemical and oil industry and outstanding behavior regarding fire resistance;

- Cogegum AFR 1702, a thermoplastic sheathing grade for single/multi-wire cables with enhanced flame resistance;

- Cogegum GFR 1401/76 and CFR 1401/190, two silane crosslinkable grades for automotive cable T3 (125°C) type for primary wiring applications.

Besides the range of flame retardant products Cogegum AFR e Cogegum GFR, Padanaplast will present at Wire 2018 its diversified portfolio of Polidan PEX and XLPE moisture/ambient-cure silane crosslinkable polyethylene compounds, Polidiemme XL flexible elastomer based ambient-cure crosslinkable compounds, and crosslinking Catalyst Masterbatches for wire and cable and pipes and fittings manufacturers.

Padanaplast compounds can be processed on common extrusion lines, and all products conform to RoHS requirements (EU Directive 2002/95/EC). Apart from support in material selection and optimized processing, the Company also assists customers in regulatory matters and approvals to help speed the time-to-market of advanced new applications.

Padanaplast, based in Roccabianca near Parma (Italy), is a company of Finproject Group, an international player in the crosslinkable polyolefin compounding and molding sector. Padanaplast was among the first to produce and market silane crosslinkable polyethylene worldwide. Building on over 45 years of expertise and innovation in its core technology, the company offers a broad portfolio of crosslinkable compounds, including advanced zero-halogen flame retardant products, for a wide range of wire and cable as well as pipe and fitting applications in industries from transportation, marine and defense to building and construction, electrical and electronics, oil and gas and renewable energy.