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Technology Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Glasses and transparent face shields for the protection from coronavirus

In the Italian scenario, many companies are converting part of their production into devices to deal with the emergency, continuing to develop projects for the community that can improve situations of coexistence with coronavirus. Negri Bossi, that since April 9, 2020, has been using two injection machines to produce masks for the community through the help of the Lombard Civil Protection to counter the spread of Covid19, is now also working in collaboration with the allItalian company Complastic. The aim is to convert part of the production into injection moulding of glasses and face shields.


The design of the two products fully reflects the characteristics required by the EN166: 2004 standards, in addition, efforts have been made to give maximum transparency to the glasses also on the side, so that the wearer's visual field is not diminished and with the purpose to decrease the mental tiredness caused by the use of the object for many consecutive hours. In the work area for the project at the Complastic company, the expected productivity at full capacity will be 2000 pieces per day for both glasses and face shields.


All this has been possible thanks to a symbiotic work also with ADM, that made the mould of the glasses, with Moretto, that supplied the ancillaries of the machine (systems for polymer dehumidification, granulation and mould thermoregulation), with AT & Service, that supplies the raw material, and withPaper Sun, that supplies the packaging.


Complastic was founded in 1984 by Salvatore D'Alise and today has a 2000 sqm plant in Maddaloni (Caserta, Italy) and specializes in thermoplastic injection and coinjection moulding of products destined for automotive, food, textile and personal protective equipment sectors.