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Materials Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Glass fibre reinforced polyamide for 3D HSS printing

A leading company in the creation of prototypes and final applications in professional 3D printing, CRP Technology, based in Modena, recently launched Windform P2, a glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic polyamide material with excellent mechanical properties for the High Speed Sintering (HSS) process.


“This is the second polymer from P-Line, the new Windform range of materials for high speed production-grade 3D printing, introduced on the market less than a year ago" Engineer Franco Cevolini, CRP Technology CTO and VP, stated.


Compared to Windform P1, which is the first material from P-Line family, Windform P2 is distinguished by increased stiffness (tensile modulus 2925.20 MPa against 1960.60 MPa), combined to high tensile strength (39.24 MPa).


"This is a very important property. Windform P2 is stiffer than Windform P1 because it is reinforced (Windform P1 is not reinforced). Most of the reinforced materials for similar technologies currently on the market, show a decrease in the tensile strength property. My staff and I have been able to preserve the high tensile strength in Windform P2. Therefore, its overall performance is superior than the performance of similar materials currently on the market for similar technologies" Franco Cevolini added.


Thanks to the glass fibers, Windform P2 is also an insulating material (CTI rating of 600) makes it possible to rapidly produce functional components in bigger production runs and at lower costs compared to the HSS process. In addition, it is suitable for manufacturing components with detailed resolution.


Windform P2 is ideal for the production of functional prototypes and end-use parts requiring high stiffness across a variety of sectors, such as the automotive industry, electrical, consumer and household goods, as well as industrial products.