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Technology Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Giant coiler for large diameter pipes

The new FB5200PE winder introduced by FB Balzanelli is one of the largest automatic coilers ever designed for PE pressure and gas big pipes featuring diameters up to 250 mm. Thanks to its size, it is possible to obtain coils of large-diameter pipes up to 13 metres long. The coils size can be optimised through the wide number of storable and repeatable adjustments available. The coils width is variable, ranging from 1200 mm to 2400mm, for a great versatility of use.


The coil’s internal diameter can be adjusted on each arm by means of a worm screw through a motor, while the width adjustment is centralised for a quicker set up. The pipes to be coiled are regularly distributed by the integrated guiding and transfer system, designed to process one single pipe or two pipes paired together. The pipe cutting is performed by an external system that issues a signal allowing the coiler to start the fast recovery of the pipe. The Round Pipe System, consisting of a haul off unit facilitating the coiling process and reducing the ovality of the pipe, is integrated within the pipe guide. One or two strapping units apply the programmed final and intermediate straps.