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Technology Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Expanding shafts and lighter cores for better quality coils

The Italian company Colines keeps improving its world-renowned cast lines for stretch film production ALLrollEX’ overall performance, thanks to constant and significant research and development activities and to the experience gained with the delivery of over 250 lines worldwide. With their highest speed and best quality in production, Colines’ state-of-art winders in particular make the difference, guaranteeing the best performance ever thanks to the latest developments, which further improved the quality of the rolls while achieving the highest production speed.


Colines’ R&D Manager, Nicola Lombardini unveilrd the latest developments by the Italian company: “Our latest developments are related to the use of special expanding shafts, able to guarantee the highest quality when winding machine rolls using 800 g cardboard cores, which is 20% less than the common 1 kg cardboard cores in use on our lines since 2013. For manual rolls, we set our new standard to 220 g for the cardboard cores, almost 25% less than the common 280 g cores”.


“It doesn’t end there: we also improved the performances in term of flexibility. Our customers don’t need to stop or slow-down the line when they want to change the roll parameters (width or diameter), thanks to the fully automatic core-loading system. Finally, the “soft” rolls-unloading system guarantees high-speed unloading of each roll with no damage to the roll itself” added Nicola Lombardini.