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Technology Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Discontinuous foaming line with open mould system

The evolution of discontinuous plants means that production is much more adaptable to customers’ needs with maximum flexibility: a large variety of panel sizes, different thicknesses, variable production densities, and numerous panel types with different designs and geometries. Hennecke-OMS is one of the world leaders in producing discontinuous panel systems complete with wet part (foaming machine) and dry part (multi-plate presses with movable trays) using PUR and PIR foaming technology. Its new Panelfoamer also offers limited total investment costs and requires fewer maintenance operations.


The major innovation of the Panelfoamer discontinuous line is the open mould foaming system. Using a distribution pipe, the foaming takes place directly on the press plate during the plate’s input movement to the press. The open mould foaming system offers the following distinct advantages:

- optimal and even foam distribution over the entire panel section, with no voids inside the panel;

- low and homogeneous densities over the entire panel area;

- possibility to inject very long, thick and wide panels in only one shot, no foam junctions or multiple injections;

- fully automatic foaming operation, no human intervention required;

- no need for elongations or pipes for injecting into the panel, preventing air bubbles in the foam;

- suitable for all kinds of foam formulation and blowing agents;

- nitrogen inertization cycle is not necessary when using pentane as blowing agent.