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Materials Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Development of vitrimers: recyclable polymers for pharmaceutical packaging

The international VIT consortium, coordinated by the University of Parma in collaboration with universities of excellence such as the University of Vienna and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of Boston, has been joined by Bormioli Pharma for the development of latest-generation recyclable polymers, with potential applications in pharmaceutical packaging.


The project, funded by the Horizon 2020 European program on scientific excellence, deals with vitrimers: a new generation of advanced materials, with customized optical and electrical properties, which are fully preserved including in the recycling phase.


The success of VIT will be made possible by a multidisciplinary network of companies and academic research groups from three continents, which in four years will lead to the secondment of 97 doctoral and postdoc students in Europe and worldwide. Bormioli Pharma will collaborate with the University of Vienna, where a company employee will have the opportunity to take part directly in the research.


Thanks to these initiatives, the company continues to support scientific research and innovation, through cross-sectoral collaborations, to rapidly evolve in an increasingly dynamic and complex global scenario.