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Technology Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Deodorizing recycled granules

“Recycled plastic is not waste for your nose” reads the corporate slogan of Main Tech. The company recently added a new system to its product portfolio for the deodorisation of materials leaving the dies of post-consumer plastics recycling lines. The new device (patent pending) not only reduces odours, but also cuts processing times by half, with a consequent reduction in overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The new system, therefore, favours the purification of the granules obtained from recycling processes, improving their final quality and making them usable in various application sectors, including food grade packaging.


Main Tech produces machines and complete systems for the handling, storage, drying, blending and recycling of bulk materials in the form of granules, flakes and powders for the plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The company combines experience and innovation in the development of cutting-edge solutions. From June 2021 Main Tech is operational at its new headquarters in San Giorgio delle Pertiche (near Padua).