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Technology Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Compact, yet innovative and high-performance screen changer

The BDOx3 BF 140 self-cleaning screen changer by BD Plast has been operating successfully for some months at Mepol, a company based in Riese Pio X (near Treviso) producer of certified thermoplastic and eco-sustainable compounds since 1996. Mepol relies on its production capacity, competence and know-how to provide an efficient assistance service and technical support for the creation of tailor-made solutions. Since 1986 BD Plast has been a specialist in the construction of screen changers and extrusion systems for polymers, taking advantage of its flexibility and ability in customising products to meet even the most specific needs.


Thanks to the collaboration between the two companies during the design and construction phases, BD Plast has been able to create a compact product with innovative features meeting the expectations of Mepol, which has thus increased the efficiency of a filtration and granulation line for polypropylene with calcium carbonate fillers. The BDOx3 BF self-cleaning screen changer is also the ideal solution for retrofitting existing lines, as it does not require significant additional floorspace, which on the other hand is often not available.


A specific strongpoint of the BDOx3 BF system is its ability to carry out the self-cleaning cycle at particularly low back pressures. In addition, it is a continuous flow screen changer in which, unlike other types of screen changers, the replacement of the filter elements takes place without stopping the system, therefore without wasting time and materials, a typical drawback of lines with stop/restart cycles. Furthermore, in BD Plast's self-cleaning screen changer, the screens are replaced with the automatic ejection of the breaker plate, allowing the easy replacement of the filter element and additional savings on cycle times. The self-cleaning ability at a low back pressure, the automatic ejection of the breaker plate and the reduced purging times are the key elements that allow this screen changer to reach up to 200 self-cleaning cycles before changing the screens.