New developments from FB Balzanelli

Coilers for large-diameter pipes

Technology - Wednesday, 15 January 2020

For coiling pipes up to 110 mm, 125 mm and 160 mm, FB Balzanelli recently introduced the coilers mod. MSR3065PE, MSR3015PE and MSR3515PE. All the models are the single reel type with the outer cut of the pipe and able to clamp the pipe automatically or manually, depending on customer preference.


All the models are available with one or two strapping units and can execute automatic intermediate, final or double final straps upon the selection of the operator. At the end of the strap operation, the coilers can eject the coil automatically or semi automatically, depending on the customer preference or the layout of the production department.


Another important key feature the three models do share consists of their modularity: the client can add additional components and customize the machine in time and in subsequent passages; like adding in a second time the strapping units or the haul off to reduce the pipe ovality during the coiling (Round Pipe Technology).


The new models are able to assure high speed coiling and packing, which will positively impact on productivity.

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