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Technology Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Bausano inaugurates a department dedicated to lines for pipe extrusion

The leading international player in the design and production of custom extrusion lines to process plastics, Bausano, announces the inauguration of the new design department for pipe extrusion lines, opening the virtual doors to its factory on March 31. An engaging video-event, which focuses on technology and sustainability, during which participants will be able to discover the new cutting-edge design centre, the areas dedicated to R&D, training and production and watch a demo of the most recent extrusion line for 114-mm pipes.


After the session is opened by Bausano Event Manager Yuri D’Agostino, Giovanni Bausano, Head of the Technical Department, will take the floor to introduce the new dedicated Team, made up of experts with specific skills and consolidated know-how in the design of such solutions. This will be followed by the speech given by Mario Chiappetto, Pipe Head Designer at Bausano, who will present the features of the new generation extrusion heads for pipes in detail, evidence of an even more efficient process. Thereafter, Simone Reale, Pipe Downstream Designer at Bausano, will give an overview of the end-of-line accessories, particularly of the cooling and calibration benches, which play a fundamental role in product quality. Lastly, the event will be concluded with a demo of the performance of an extrusion line for 114mm pipes, featuring the MD Plus twin-screw model, presented by Christian Folino, Extrusion Expert at Bausano.


In detail, the new technical division, which includes two business areas dedicated respectively to PVC and HDPE/LDPE/PE/PP pipes, aims to further enhance design standards. The intended projects are geared towards improving the material viscosity for a more fluid outflow through the channels of the head; defining the correct mixture and homogenisation of the polymer as well as developing an adequate design of the extrusion head and much more.


“As a fundamental pillar of the Company’s strategic growth plan, the new technical department will have a dedicated space available - the design centre - equipped with the most modern cutting-edge technologies“, declared Giovanni Bausano. “However, we believe that the most significant ideas derive from comparison and collaboration: it is indeed the complementarity between the different engineering skills of the people who make up a rapidly growing Team, combined with their passion, that forms the true strategic asset through which to design innovative and sustainable solutions, in order to contribute to the success of our customers”.


For information and registration consult Bausano Digital Lab - Open Factory 22