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Technology Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Baruffaldi-Primac launches two new logos and continues its technological development

Pandemic did not stopped Baruffaldi-Primac. On the contrary, the company launched its new logos to evolve and renew its image, updating it as its latest generation machines that stand out for their high-tech level.


Baruffaldi is an Italian company which has designed and manufactured machines for plastic profiles since 1953. The Baruffaldi “B” in the logo is a robust, compact and dynamic frame just like the Dosi Group, of which the company is part. The "B" conveys the concept of a solid group that works in synergy and is always up-to-date with the latest technologies. The new logo has an elegant and dynamic style just like the company, which has never stopped making a name for itself in the last 70 years, as an Italian excellence in high-technology solutions for the extrusion of plastic profiles. “Plastic” and “technology” are the keywords of the Baruffaldi brand and the new logo reinforces the identity of its machines.


The Primac logo has been completely renewed both in its form and concept, but it always maintains the red color that distinguishes it. “Machines for plastic pipes” and “by Baruffaldi” added to the new Primac logo immediately clarify the brand positioning.


“The core is always the same, we only innovated our logos. We did not change our goal, we made it clearer, to immediately convey our mission.” This is how Alberto Dosi, the company CEO, proudly describes the change.


In the course of 2020 Baruffaldi technical team designed and manufactured two new machines: the MM100, an automatic line for the production of surgical face masks and the TGG-HB-V, the vertical version of the patented hot blade guillotine. The MM100 is an automatic line that welds the three TNT layers specially folded and cut and the ear bands. At the end of the line the masks are automatically stacked by means of a palletizer. The first line sold will supply face masks to the national regional health facilities. With the TGG-HB-V Baruffaldi expanded the range of guillotines for profiles becoming the specialist of the swarfless cutting systems. This latest version of the hot blade guillotine is equipped with the exclusive vertical cutting system and blade heating system. Thanks to this technological upgrade the machine is extremely versatile.