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Marketing Wednesday, 21 July 2021

At Sacmi two days dedicated to “green” containers

On July 27 and 28, Sacmi will present the international online event "The plastic container green challenge" on scenarios, technologies and market trends in the plastic container production sector. During the event, the opportunities offered by the CBF system with compression technology, now also available for the production of HDPE and PET containers, will be also illustrated.


Following on successful webinars on caps and preforms, Sacmi proposes the first international webinar on the “green” challenge for sustainability in plastic container manufacturing. The plastics industry measures itself against the three sustainability goals: reduce, reuse, recycle. For regulatory and safety reasons, however, pharmaceutical packaging is often limited to only the first the option. One of such option involves reducing container weight while increasing container barrier properties thanks to the use of improved raw materials. With this Sacmi-sponsored webinar, sustainability will be explored with the help of partners. These partners included Dow, who has developed the raw materials, Milliken who developed low-dosage additives, and Alltrista who has converted the raw material to bottles used by GSK Consumer Healthcare for their over-the-counter drug Advil.


Prototyped back in 2004 and marketed since 2008, CBF is the world’s first technology for the compression manufacture of containers and offers a sound, advantageous alternative to technologies such as EBM and IBM-ISBM. Indeed, for the pharmaceutical industry, one of the key advantages is - in addition to precision, versatility and extremely easy weight reduction - an improved humidity and oxygen barrier effect which In some cases can lengthen shelf life or enable reduction of desiccant use, both of which can result in a reduction of the environmental footprint. CBF is provided as a complete “turnkey” technology. Line integration (machine, technology, controls and moulds) extends to proprietary Sacmi computer vision systems. And customers can count on close support from the laboratory, where all the material and mould testing is carried out. The final part of the meeting will focus on the latest application of CBF, which can now be used to produce HDPE and PET containers.