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Marketing Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Assessments and future prospects in Colines

Gruppo Colines Holding does not hide the difficulties of the year just ended, mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent measures put in place to stem it. Nevertheless, the executive president Eraldo Peccetti (in the centre in the picture) draws a positive balance for 2021 and says he is confident for 2022: “Thanks to the commitment of our staff and our partners, we have been able to fully guarantee all company operations and services, from the testing and supply of our production lines to customer care, commercial and worldwide service assistance. Nevertheless, Gruppo Colines Holding achieved a very satisfying turnover (over 75 million euros) and growth. We expect 2022 to be a year of challenges and opportunities”.


“In 2021 we have strengthened our position in the market, thanks to the great results achieved by our quick-delivery policy, which proved to be extremely functional in satisfying our customers’ needs. We will keep working hard to keep growing also in the upcoming year and we are confident that the launch of our latest generation multipurpose Polyblown lines for blown film production will certainly represent a new and important milestone for our company”, Colines’ CEO and commercial director, Anthony Michael Caprioli (on the right), adds.


“In 2021 we doubled our production area in order to satisfy the constant and continuous production increase. A few months ago, we started our new Mechanical Division (eMech), dedicated to the production of extrusion lines for cables and we increased our turnover of over by 30%. I am really confident that we can achieve further growth for our company in the near future”, subsidiary Elav’ CEO, Giorgio Manfredi, says.


“After the huge disruption in 2020, this year we re-experienced the pleasure of in-person meetings. We took part in several trade fairs around the world and in addition to the summer virtual open house, we were also able to organize an in-person open house event in one of our facilities. On that occasion we had the chance to show in operation our 7-layer Polyblown line “on the top of flexibility”. Of course, we are satisfied for having met over 60 customers in our facility and, in the meantime, we will keep organizing virtual events, in order to reach those customers who are still unable to visit us, due to the pandemic and the consequent restrictions”, Colines’ marketing and communication director, Gabriele Peccetti (on the left), concludes.