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Technology Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Amut makes an encore with the British Biffa

Subsequent to the project accomplished by Biffa and Amut for the Seaham (United Kingdom) state-of-the-art recycling facility, one of the most modern and technically advanced in the world, the two partners join forces again for Biffa new investment in its facility in Washington, Sunderland (United Kingdom).


During the prior collaboration, Amut provided the company with a custom-engineered 4,000 kg/h PET bottle recycling line, integrated with its “Mini-PRF” frontend, for their

plant capable of recycling 1.3 billion plastic bottles per year. A typical example of Amut sorting and washing integration process in which the customer entrusts the Amut technology with the bale at the entrance of the plant, obtaining a flake of very high purity at the end.


Following the first successful installation, Biffa has confirmed its confidence in the Italian recycling technology provider, for their HDPE new expansion project, to recycle 1.6 billion milk bottles per year. Amut contributed to the leading United Kingdom recycler and waste management manufacturer infrastructure, with its 2,000 kg/h recycling solution.


“Biffa is committed to enabling the circular economy in the United Kingdom and increasing plastic recycling is a key part of our strategy - by 2030 we hope to quadruple our currently plastic recycling capacity. Following a successful partnership with Amut at our state-of-the-art Seaham facility we’re pleased to be working with them again at our Washington facility where we are adding a further 14,000 tonnes of capacity to recycle HDPE plastic”, said Biffa Regional Engineering and Projects Manager, Martin Brass.