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Technology Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A new system integrator in the world of the industrial automation

The project by Sadas Group and Sei Sistemi has been finalized, and on November 30, 2020, Alsiter has come to life. The basic concept of Alsiter is to combine the flexibility and process know-how of Sadas Group with the tailor-made approach and solid experience developed by Sei Sistemi across all industrial and manufacturing sectors, creating one big player in the industrial automation business to meet the requirements of customers and a constantly evolving market.


Alsiter addresses several industries, including rubber and plastics, designing and manufacturing automation systems for plastic extrusion and molding machines, together with pulp and paper, metal wire, steelworks, power distribution, and alternative energy.


In all these industrial fields, Alsiter can offer a wide range of services:

- construction of industrial plants: customized and made-to-measure, the industrial plants designed by the company are efficient and meet the highest quality expectations. With full-featured automation, they reduce or minimize the risk of labor errors, standardizing production operations and slashing costs;

- revamping: the company performs the revision and overhaul of industrial plants, integrating leading-edge technology with legacy solutions to extend the plant lifecycle at affordable costs;

- process instrumentation: the control systems offered by the company are fully integrated and can minimize engineering activities as well as operating and maintenance costs throughout the plant lifecycle;

- energy measurement: through an effective monitoring system, the company can measure real energy flows, identify consumption patterns that are not suitable for production operations, minimize waste and plan a targeted strategy for energy efficiency;

- predictive maintenance: through thermographic surveys, electric network analysis, identification of abnormal noise and vibration in plant components, electric, static and dynamic analysis of motors and generators, the company can identify possible anomalies in advance and safeguard the production process;

- motor repair and overhaul: from diagnostics to damage evaluation, up to final motor testing.


Alsiter offers uninterrupted 24/7 service in Italy and abroad. With unique know-how and the expertise of highly trained staff, it can handle complex tasks in any development phase, including the reverse engineering of obsolete plants.


“The extensive know-how acquired by Alsiter positions the new company as a turnkey player for the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of any industrial automation system", Roberto Altieri, President of Alsiter, stated.