Seward succeeds Al-Fageeh

World Plastics Council elects news chairman

Marketing - Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Following a meeting of the World Plastics Council’s (WPC) executive committee in Dubai, Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh (Sabic) announced that James Seward (LyondellBasell) had been elected to succeed him as the next Chairman of the WPC.

“The WPC is fortunate to have an exceptionally talented group of visionary executive leaders, and we are particularly pleased with the executive committee’s election of our colleague Jim Seward as our next chair”, said Al-Fageeh. “We look forward to leveraging Jim’s global perspective and deep enthusiasm for our industry to drive further success”.

“Under Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh’s leadership the WPC has grown in numbers, we have engaged with global stakeholders, and we have delivered results. On behalf of the entire general assembly we thank him for his commitment to our work - and for his friendship”, said Seward.

The WPC was founded in 2014 with the goal of becoming the plastic industry’s platform to accelerate cooperation and alignment, and to deliver improved outcomes for the benefit of society and the global plastics industry.

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