Sacmi at NPE with the CCM

Up to 2000 caps per minute

Technology - Friday, 13 March 2015

At NPE 2015 Sacmi will be presenting the new version of the 48-cavity CCM (Continuous Compression Moulding) for the production of CSD (Carbonated Soft Drink) caps, optimized to ensure a power consumption even lower than the previous versions. Able to achieve output rates of up to 2000 light caps per minute (for mineral waters), the machine is equipped with the new Cool+ mould with improved cooling that, thanks to a modified liquid coolant circuit inside the mould (in practice the circuit has been doubled), allows the cooling times, that weigh so heavily on the total cycle time, to be reduced significantly.
At the fair a CSD cap will be produced with neckfinish 1881, the standard used by all major carbonated drink producers. It is with this one-piece high-performance HDPE cap that Sacmi aims to take on the challenge posed by the US market, where the CSDs accounts for no less than 45% of all soft drinks (water included). This cap will be produced with a cycle time of less than 2.15 seconds, allowing output rates of 1350 caps a minute. This result is a direct consequence of the advantages offered by compression technology, compared to injection, that range from a lower material extrusion temperature to the complete process repeatability. In short, the outcome is caps with size and weight characteristics that, despite such a contained cycle time, are evidently better that those attainable with alternative technologies.
NPE has also been chosen for the presentation of a major plant engineering development associated with the slitting and folding of the anti-tamper band, the implications of which are significantly advantageous in terms of logistics, costs and consumption. In fact, Sacmi has developed an “in step” system for transfer of the cap from the CCM press to the downstream machine, thus eliminating elevators, orientators and conveyors, thus reducing the footprint of the line as well as investment for equipment.

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