Two-day open-house at IMS Deltamatic

Technology - Wednesday, 25 June 2014

On June 26 and 27, IMS Deltamatic opens the doors of its Calcinate (near Bergamo) plant to processors and suppliers. During this two-day open-house the company demonstrates, in operation, various machine models produced by its Turra division, which specialises in the construction of vertical presses for traditional injection moulding, co-moulding and moulding with inserts. The event is also an opportunity to talk about injection of liquid silicone rubber (LSR), thanks to the collaboration with Guzzini Engineering, which has led to the development of a special system for the injection of LSR, already installed on a Turra machine exhibited at K 2013 and Plastpol 2014. In detail, the following vertical presses are on display at the event: an 80-ton, table-free NT-80-2C with two tiebars, for the moulding of LSR in collaboration with Guzzini Engineering; a 60-ton ST-60 with a linear table; a 60-ton RT-60 with a rotary table, equipped with a Scara-type robot for the loading and unloading of parts; a 60-ton, table-free NT-60-2C, with two tiebars, equipped with a tensioning device, heater and peripherals for the plasticisation of diamond wire; three 60-ton tableless NT-60-2Cs with two tiebars.

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