Isit blow moulding machines

Three-platen clamping system

Technology - Thursday, 19 March 2015

Avoiding an unbalanced transmission of the clamping force to the mould and allowing the use of moulds with bigger sizes than those of the platens. To this scope the Isit range of blow moulding machines with accumulator heads, developed by ST Soffiaggio Tecnica, features a 3-platen clamping unit with rack synchronization system, prismatic guides with roller bearings and two diagonal tie-bars.

The 3-platen design is a solution with an excellent technical/economic ratio to produce plastic articles of large sizes and to mount the moulds from the above. The Isit range includes the 400, 500, 800, 1300 and 1600 models. The 2-cardioid accumulator heads of FIFO (First In First Out) type provide a layering and a balanced structure to the parison. The extrusion of the material and the parison thickness are controlled on 500 points, ensuring the highest quality of the manufactured parts.

The single-screw extruders are based on the HEX technology (High EXtrusion), which ensures high capacity and plasticizing quality. Therefore, higher outputs of plasticized material are obtained using screws with smaller diameters, reducing the power consumption and saving a considerable amount of energy.

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