Star Automation Europe at Mecspe 2019

Three decades in the business, three robots in operation

Technology - Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The forthcoming Mecspe 2019 fair (Parma, Italy, March 28-30) will see Star Automation Europe, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, presenting three Cartesian robots - one on its own stand, one on the BMB stand, and the third on the RP Injection/Toyo Machinery  stand - as well as a variety of ancillary equipment for injection moulding machines, sharing its exhibition space with Plastic Systems, Blauwer and Gruniverpal.

On its own stand the company will be showing the X-600VI Cartesian robot, i.e. the smallest XW-VI series model, which stands out for its compact size and speed (it has a vacuum demoulding time of 0.57 seconds). It is equipped with a freely programmable Stec-520 controller, which will effect the automatic change of grippers with Eins components. The model OX-SB snap-on coupling will move two different grippers, each positioned in a different station, one by means of a model HSAL mechanical coupling and the other using a model HNE-S  neodymium magnet coupling. A special area of the stand will be given over to a display of the full range of Eins snap-on couplings, in versions for both Cartesian and anthropomorphic robots, as well as a hot cutting station where the use of GT-NKH20 nippers makes it possible to carry out cutting operations without any cracking of transparent materials, made of hard polymers or containing glass fibres.  

At the BMB stand, a ZXW-1000VI robot with a 1200 mm upright and freely programmable Stec-520 controller will be on display. This is one of the two models making up the new superfast ZXW-VI series, and it has a demoulding time of 0.48 seconds. The robot will be installed on an eKW-20Pi machine, from which it will demould 2 margarine tubs in approximately 3.5 seconds. Like last year, the robot controller screen will be viewable and usable directly from the machine display: a great solution for the operator in the moulding cell, who therefore no longer has to move from the machine display to the robot keyboard. The machine will also be equipped with a conveyor belt with protections, also by Star Automation, and once again Eins grippers will be in operation.

Last but not least, at the RP Injection/Toyo Machinery stand it will be possible to see a model XW-1000VI robot with freely programmable Stec-520 controller, used for extracting square caps from a 12-cavity mould installed on a Toyo Si 180-6 machine; the operation, carried out using a gripper made with Eins components, will take around 7 seconds. This machine too will be equipped with a conveyor belt and protections.

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